Love this song!

Van T - What Do You Do



Featuring Vanilla Gorilla

Film by Film Co.


Remi Petersen planking on his finless Alaia in J-Bay. Also with a bit of shredding on a normal board thrown in there.

(via the-best-surf-vids)

Sunday Funday episode 2 with Remi Petersen. Logs, and dogs in Jefrreys Bay.

More J-Bay alaia surfing

Surfing the alaia at J-Bay


Sunday Funday in the bay of J. 

Summer fun in the sun. Alaia surfing the french beach breaks. A new video from Hidden Wood.

A must-see What Youth short surf flick featuring Brendon Gibbens, Dion Agius etc. etc.

This guy is one of the most talented and creative surfers to come out of Cape Town, you should watch this video.