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Here is what I was able to scrape together from the little footage we were able to get whilst in Indo and put it together last night. Enjoy it!

20th June 2014 // International Surfing Day 

Jeffrey’s Bay

By Carel Olivier

International Surfing Day // J-BAY 2014 

Benji Brand - Namibia

(Source: theancientriot)

Matt Bromley heads off to Namibia to catch the ride of his life,


You’re welcome.


(Source: theancientriot)

Love this song!

Van T - What Do You Do




Featuring Vanilla Gorilla

Film by Film Co.

Jeremy Loops - Power

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Remi Petersen planking on his finless Alaia in J-Bay. Also with a bit of shredding on a normal board thrown in there.

(via the-best-surf-vids)

Sunday Funday episode 2 with Remi Petersen. Logs, and dogs in Jefrreys Bay.

More J-Bay alaia surfing

Surfing the alaia at J-Bay


Sunday Funday in the bay of J.