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"East to West" follows an epic Southern African winter of 2014 featuring some of South Africa’s finest surfing talent and locations. Along with some highlights of the JBay Open if you were not fortunate to make it to see the masters at work.

Get amped on surfing!

Filmed & Edited by Dane Staples

Drone by Dale Staples

Soundtrack by Foster the People - Helena Beat



Here is what I was able to scrape together from the little footage we were able to get whilst in Indo and put it together last night. Enjoy it!

20th June 2014 // International Surfing Day 

Jeffrey’s Bay

By Carel Olivier

International Surfing Day // J-BAY 2014 

Benji Brand - Namibia

(Source: theancientriot)

Matt Bromley heads off to Namibia to catch the ride of his life,


You’re welcome.


(Source: theancientriot)

Love this song!

Van T - What Do You Do


Lethe from Film Co. on Vimeo.

Lethe from Film Co. on Vimeo.



Featuring Vanilla Gorilla

Film by Film Co.

Jeremy Loops - Power

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Remi Petersen planking on his finless Alaia in J-Bay. Also with a bit of shredding on a normal board thrown in there.

(via the-best-surf-vids)

Sunday Funday episode 2 with Remi Petersen. Logs, and dogs in Jefrreys Bay.

More J-Bay alaia surfing

Surfing the alaia at J-Bay