Top 5 Alaia Surfers to inspire

After a thousand year hiatus, the ancient art of surfing the Alaia is making a comeback. These natural wooden surfboards are gathering a cult following in all corners of the world. Surfing the alaia is not about being the best but here are 5 Alaia surfers to keep an eye out for if you too hope to master the exhilarating art of surfing the alaia surfboard.

Harrison Roach - pic:

Harrison Roach surfing an Alaia

Keith Malloy - pic: Burkard (

Keith Malloy

Remi Petersen

Remi Petersen surfing an Alaia

Remi Petersen surfing an Alaia 2

Dave Rastovich

Dave Rastovich alaia surfing

Rob Machado

Rob Machado surfing his alaia

If you know of any other good alaia surfers out there drop me a message…

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Here’s a bonus Bruce…

bonus bruce