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the ancient riot | Surf Culture and Travel

The ASP Top Ten going into the Fiji Pro. Slater will definitely be a favourite at Cloudbreak and Restaurants. 


John Florence surfing the biggest Cloudbreak ever ridden. A day that goes down in surfing history. Photo by Joli.


Watch theses surfers froth as the biggest, most perfect monster wave ever seen peels through unridden at Cloudbreak, Tavarua, Fiji

Mystical Fiji, photo by Tom Servais


Tom Servais captures Cloudbreak at 20ft with nobody on it way back in 1998. These days there would be takers for those waves.


Bruce Irons, Fiji. Photo by Stuart Gibson.


I sincerely hope that the waves get this big and perfect for the Volcom Fiji Pro 2013. And that they surf heats! Dave Wassel, Cloudbreak, 2012.


Underwater Fiji, surfing at Cloudbreak. Photo by Nate Silver

The Volcom Fiji Pro gets underway soon!

I wonder whether or not they’ll surf the Volcom Fiji Pro if the waves get this big again?

(Source: theancientriot)

Bruce charging Cloudbreak

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John John Florence not backing down on a solid wave at Cloudbreak. He was one of a few ASP Top 34 surfers who joined the free surfers and charged Cloudbreak when the Volcom Fiji Pro was called off.

Photo: Joli



Dave Wassels on what many called the wave of the day, Fiji mega swell 2012, Cloudbreak. Photo by Brent