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Bali Diaries 1: Remi finally gets to Bali and surf’s Canggu. After a few days of punts and barrels he gets to ride a Tom Wegener Alaia.

Bali Diaries 2: Bali is experiencing a dengue fever problem but Remi is punting airs at Canngu.

Bali Diaries 3: Surfing solid Impossibles while missing a fin and riding a whole host of different surfboards at Canggu.

Europe 1: After a brief stint in Durban, South Africa for a surf contest Remi hits the cold waters of Holland.

Europe 2: The land of surfing and nutella baguettes, France. Remi battles through storms to surf the Protest Vendee Pro.

Europe 3: Six foot french beach-breaks and Cafe Lattes in between surf contests in France.

Europe 4: Fun and games at the Protest NK Surf Tour in France and the Monster party after all the surfing.

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